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Environmental Poster Series

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Lesson Launchers

These virtual experiences are a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time.

Explore over 40 videos that you can use at the beginning of class to focus students on instruction; near the end of class to make good use of transitional time; in the middle of class to shift gears between lessons; or whenever you have minutes that now go unused.

These Lesson Launchers are a natural lead-in to more in-depth activities. The River Center virtual experience are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular class lessons. Make every minute count!

reptiles photo
butterfly photo

Reptiles of the Loxahatchee (Average 4 minutes)

SC.K.L.14.1; SC.1.L.17.1; SC.2.L.17.1; SC.3.L.15.1; SC.4.L.17.4; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.6.L.15.1; SC.7.L.17.3; SC.8.L.18.2; SC.912.L.15.4

Fish of the Week (Average 5 minutes)

SC.K.N.1.5; SC.1.L.14.1; SC.2.L.17.2; SC.3.L.15.1; SC.4.L.17.2; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.6.L.14.3; SC.7.L.17.3; SC.8.L.18.3; SC.912.L.17.2

Fish Feeding (Average 5.5 minutes)

SC.K.N.1.5; SC.1.N.1.2; SC.2.L.17.1; SC.3.N.1.6; SC.4.L.17.2; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.6.L.14.3; SC.7.L.17.3; SC.8.L.18.2; SC.912.L.17.2

Garden Exploration (Average 7 minutes)

SC.K.N.1.2; SC.1.L.14.1; SC.2.L.16.1; SC.3.L.14.1; SC.4.L.16.4; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.6.L.14.4; SC.7.L.17.1; SC.8.L.18.1; SC.912.L.14.7

bee photo
mangrove tug of war photo

Take a Walk – Nature Hikes (Average 9 minutes)

SC.K.L.14.3; SC.1.L.14.2; SC.2.N.1.1; SC.3.L.15.1; SC.4.N.1.1; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.6.E.6.2; SC.7.E.6.6; SC.8.L.18.1; SC.912.L.17.7

Outdoor Adventures (Average 7 minutes)

SC.K.L.14.3; SC.1.N.1.2; SC.2.N.1.1; SC.3.N.1.1; SC.4.L.17.3; SC.5.E.7.2; SC.6.E.6.2; SC.7.E.6.6; SC.8.L.18.1; SC.912.L.17.2

Science with Sam (Average 7.5 minutes)

Standards can be found on individual lessons.

Save Our Sea PSA

Check out this awesome PSA created by one of our local Girl Scouts.
This video was created by a Girl Scout named Mia for her Gold Award project.
The Gold Award is the largest and last award a girl scout can complete before moving on to college. These projects center around issues that the scout is particularly passionate about and allows them to create solutions on how to tackle them.
Mia has chosen to discuss the plastic pollution crisis that has escalated around the globe. With interviews from local conservation and environmentally engaged institutions like the River Center and Loggerhead Marinelife Center, this short PSA aims to help us all find ways to reduce plastic in our everyday lives. Mia hopes that through this project she can bring more awareness to the plastic pollution crisis and to help others realize how they can help. 

Oyster Reef Restoration

Click image to view interactive presentation.

oyster restoration interactive program photo

River Center’s Pollinator Garden

Endangered Atala Butterfly photo
Endangered Atala Butterfly

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